Other Great Authors

Brenda Sparks

Brenda is the author of the paranormal romances Midsummer's Night Demon, Weaver of Dreams, and Alpha Mine

Please visit Brenda at www.brenda-sparks.com and on Facebook at Brenda Sparks

Rosalind Scarlett

Rosalind is a paranormal erotica writer who also specializes in sexing up fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White.

You can visit Rosalind at www.rosalindscarlett.com and on Facebook at Author Rosalind Scarlett

Sabrina Devonshire

Sabrina is a fellow eXtasy books erotic romance writer.

Sabrina can be found at sabrinadevonshireromances.com


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Fantastic first book from DW Adler By l.lyon
Spring of Seduction, (Shelter from the Winter series) took me by surprise. I was expecting your typical vampire story... Was I ever wrong!

Another winner from DW Adler By bsparky
The story is intriguing, and the love scenes are steamy. This author certainly knows seduction, passion, and how to fulfill desires. This book with leave you feeling satisfied in so many ways.

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Author DW Adler

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