Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the frequently asked questions before requesting a purchase. If you think of any other questions that would be useful, please let me know.

What are your prices?

Premade covers for digital books - $20 - $30, includes change of author and book name.
Major changes start at $15/hour, one hour minimum.
If no changes are requested beyond book title and author name, cover is provided as is (see below for full definition of as is).

Premade for print (expanded to spine and back cover)/extended digital cover - Base price + $15

Custom Cover - $70 + cost of art/stock photos

Book trailer - $75 + cost of music and/or stock photos/footage

Promotional Postcard - $15

Promotional Bookmark - $10

How do I purchase a cover or promotional materials?

Click on the Contact or Buy menu item at the top of the page. Leave me your email and specify exactly what cover or service you want. I'll reply with confirmation and a PayPal invoice. Once you have paid, I will email your materials or arrange a method of download.

What payment options do you accept?

PayPal is the only payment method I accept at the moment. Please don't send me your credit card info. That's not safe for you and I'll delete it immediately.

Are you a professional artist?

Time for truth in advertising. No, I'm not a professional, nor do I have a graphic arts education. I'm self-taught in Photoshop (photo manipulation), Blender, Daz3D (3D modeling and scene creation), and Final Cut Pro X (video editing) to the point of being proficient. I'm always learning and researching new effects and techniques to make my covers more attractive and professional looking, so I'm hoping my work will speak for itself.

Do you provide printing services for my bookmarks/postcards/posters?

Nope, I provide you with the materials, it's up to you to find a place to print them.

What do you mean when you say a book cover is sold as is?

I provide a library of pre-made book covers suitable for use with an e-book. Other than changes to the title and author name, no other changes are made to the cover and you, as the buyer, are accepting the cover as it exists in that moment in time, or as-is. If there is an issue discovered after you have been sent the final copy, you must pay the alteration fees for changing the cover beyond the author name and book title.

As a long-winded example, let’s say I create a pre-made cover for sale that features a lovely couple on the front in a loving embrace with a troll in the background watching them. You as the buyer come along and are entranced by the couple in the foreground, totally missing the troll in the background. You buy the cover, I change placeholder title and author name to yours, then send you a proof of the cover, urging you strongly to proof-read your name and title, plus take a good, hard look at the cover to make sure there is nothing that you want changed. You are still entranced by the lovely couple on the foreground, still don’t see the troll, and tell me that yes, everything is fine and to send you the final copy. You’ve paid your money, now have the final cover in your hands, and you publish your book. Next thing you know, readers are commenting on the troll in the background, which you are just now noticing. You come back to me and demand a change, to which I reply with my price-list for changes. You say that you shouldn’t have to pay because you didn’t see the troll when you were buying the cover. I counter that you bought the cover as is, which you have, and that any changes I make will cost you the editing fees to be made. After much back and forth, you decide to live with the troll staring at your lovely couple and we all have a good laugh over it.

Do you sell a cover multiple times?

No! Once a cover is sold, it is retired, other than being used to advertise my work. However, with that said, sooner or later, there will be a cover that looks similar – no matter how much I try to make each one unique, there are only so many ways couples/threesomes/etc. can be posed and placed on a cover, so there is the possibility that someday a cover will come out similar to yours. But then again, a search of Amazon or other book sites will probably come up with similar results.

Where do you get photos/movies/music from?

I use free stock photos/movies/music wherever I can; however, if there is nothing suitable available for free that I can use, I’ll resort to paid sites, going for the least expensive option possible. Some photos are 3D art that I’ve created myself.

I want to use a photo/movie clip/music from a TV show/movie/magazine/book, can I send that to you to use in my cover or book trailer?

No, unfortunately those are protected by copyright and cannot be used. Please don’t try to cite “fair use” exemptions – if you are putting a photo on a book cover intended for sale or including it or other media in the book trailer, which is advertising your product for sale, you are profiting from that usage, therefore copyright infringement. Please don’t ask me to break copyright laws – I won’t do it.

How about my own photos or art I’ve created?

Custom art/photos/music by the author is accepted. However, proof of ownership and/or purchase must be provided to me.

Do I have to give you credit for the book cover?

Let me put it to you this way – you don’t need to give me credit for the book cover, but word-of-mouth can be a powerful thing so it would be immensely appreciated.

How long will it take to make my cover/trailer?

I will work with you on a date for when you absolutely want/need your cover and/or trailer by. However, there needs to be the understanding that I do have a day job and sometimes life gets in the way. While I will make every effort to meet your deadline, there may be occasions where a delay is unavoidable.

Will I need to sign a contract?

For premade covers, no, though you will be notified in writing that the cover is provided as-is. For book trailers or custom cover work, yes, a contract will be provided to you and both you and myself must sign it before any work is done. To view the contract, please click here for a sample.

How long is the book trailer?

I keep book trailers anywhere from one to two minutes in length, certainly no longer than three minutes. Anything beyond three minutes, you risk losing your audience due to short attention spans.

Can you upload it to YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo for me?

Sorry, no. That would involve knowing your password to those services and I don’t want that responsibility or liability. Once you download the video, it’s up to you to post it.

Do you use my cover/bookmark/postcard/video for any other purpose?

I will use anything that I create to help market myself and my services… or just plain bragging rights. But beyond that, no, your media will not be used for other purposes.


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