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Thank you for visiting! Like you, I'm a self-published author, and I have had plenty of sticker-shock when it comes to covers and promotional materials.

Let's be realistic - in the self-publishing world, it's hard to get noticed and make a profit from sales. Some covers and promotional items can cost hundreds of dollars, money I'm sure you'd rather divert to editing services or keep in your pocket.

Introducing DW Adler Media, a lower cost solution for the self-publishing author.

Do you like what you see? Then come have a look a what I have to offer!

Click here to read the FAQ for information on prices and the creative process.

My collection of premade covers can be viewed here.
The collection is growing all the time so be sure to check back.

If you're in the market for promotional materials, click here to see a selection of postcards, books marks, and others.


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Fantastic first book from DW Adler By l.lyon
Spring of Seduction, (Shelter from the Winter series) took me by surprise. I was expecting your typical vampire story... Was I ever wrong!

Another winner from DW Adler By bsparky
The story is intriguing, and the love scenes are steamy. This author certainly knows seduction, passion, and how to fulfill desires. This book with leave you feeling satisfied in so many ways.

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